Welcome to the new site!

The first ink drawing I ever did (now known as Glaciers).

I started making the ink drawings you see throughout this site in the Summer of 2011. Half way through the Summer, while I was working on a creative blog I stumbled upon the medium I use today, alcohol ink, and I felt like I found myself. 

It seems so silly to say that these little bottles of ink and fragile paper could change my life but they have. From the first day I knew I had something special. I wanted to hide it and keep it for myself and at the same time scream and show it to everyone. I've been showing these ink drawings (for lack of a better word) to everyone I know since then. 

Second ink drawing ever.

Abstract art can be intimidating, but there is no need for it to be. Sometimes when words don't cut it, I speak better in color. Simple as that.

I'm so excited about this new venture with my ink drawings; sharing them with the world and hopefully selling some prints and other goods. 

To my current and future friends, Thank you for encouraging me and being excited about all the color with me.