Artist's Statement

Color has always been my language. When I needed help getting back into a creative swing I started a blog. I set out to create something every week, photograph it and post it. There were no limits, no restrictions, sometimes I would do a lot of things sometimes something tiny. I chose not to beat myself up over missing a week here or there. Since I was working at a craft store at the time I was always wandering the store thinking up unique ways I could use different mediums. The techniques I use now come from something I made for that blog. The waste paper from one of my projects had the most amazing detail and vibrancy of color. I photographed those first pages and haven't stopped since. As far as techniques go, I use an alcohol based ink on a poly-coated or synthetic paper then I scan or photograph them for the images you see here. Some of the papers used to create the fine flowering of the ink are not archival, so the originals will yellow and deteriorate. Because of that, I have prints made so that you can keep them forever.